Cherry Tattoo Designs

    Cherry tattoos are a popular choice among young women. While a cherry first appears to be an innocent symbol, its true significance is based around fertility and sexuality.

    The cherry, which is rich in color and juicy in consistency, relates directly to the life giving power and fertility of a women. The cherry is also said to starkly resemble the fullness and color of a woman's lips, which is a very alluring feature of the female form.

    Cherries go well with many different tattoo styles, although they work best if they have a retro flavor. Many women get a single cherry as a cute, feminine and small tattoo. Cherries can be inked simply as a plain cherry, one that has burst open and is leaking juice, or even a cherry that is in flames or equipped with devil horns and a pitchfork. The simple design is versatile and can be incorporated into virtually anything.


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